Cool baby pick of the week: Babybay Crib Extension

Every Tom, Dick and Harry tells you it’s best that you don’t ‘prolong co-sleeping’ and that every baby should sleep in a separate crib from day one. You nod and agree enthusiastically. Feeling like a baby expert yourself, you know it’s the ‘right thing to do to do’.You make a mental note to put this to practice going forward.

It’s 3AM and your baby is crying and wailing frantically. You get out of bed, hold him/her for a bit, nurse and cuddle for a bit. Just as he/she is about to doze off, you put him/her back in his/her crib. You slowly remove your arm from under his/her head and carefully tip toe away from that ticking time bomb like some professional acrobat on a thin wire that’s a 100 meters off the ground. Just when you’re about to step into your warm cozy bed, you hear your little one tossing and turning and the bawling starts. After about two or three attempts, you give up and take your baby to bed with you so you can get some sleep. So much for independent sleeping huh?

Tired of being a walking zombie because of all those trips back and forth to the crib?  Babybay to the rescue! This is an alternative cot that you can attach to your bed side so your little munchkin has a separate space to sleep in but can still be within arm’s reach so you don’t get up in the middle of the night.

  • Price: 1,650 AED
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Dimensions: 86cmx79cmx46cm
  • Ideal to use until your baby is 9 months old
  • Easy to assemble and fits all bed types
  • The Babybay comes with two adjustable fasteners to hold the cot securely in place
  • Comes in three different colors: natural, white and dark brown


You can also use the wooden bars to turn your Babybay into a stand-alone bassinet if you want to your baby to sleep in it unsupervised for AED 340.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this on Facebook on random posts – but I found a place where you can get these bad boys. Babybay cots are sold at Just Kidding – which is this cute shop that has more than 55 brands for babies, young children and mothers-to-be. They have a physical store located in Al Safa, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, one in Gold and Diamond Park and one in Riyadh. Just Kidding ships products all across the UAE with  free shipping in Dubai and across the Middle East.

Toll Free: 800-JUST +971 800 5878


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