The Grandparents Frame by JOHNSON’S® Baby

This is by far the best and most meaningful campaign I’ve seen on a long time. Johnson’s Baby launched the ‘Grandparents Frame’ initiative to help bring grandparents closer to their grand children.

Because so many grandparents live far away, some of them don’t get to see their precious little ones for years on end. We all know what a grand child means to a grandparent; my father for instance only smiles when there’s a mention of Yehia and would do anything to make sure that Yehia is well and happy. However, many grandparents aren’t very connected to social media platforms, nor do they get the hang of all the latest tech tools.

So what Johnson did is that they introduced a digital photo frame that you gift to your moms and dads that also pairs up with your smart phone. Everytime you snap a photo of your little one, you can send it directly to their device and then they get a glimpse of their precious grandchildren and watch them grow. 

I love how thoughtful this idea is and how much joy it can bring to a family.

Watch this video, but keep a tissue box within arms reach because I got teary and emotional. 

To learn more about this initiative and how it works, check the link below:

What is the Grandparents Frame?



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