All about me and my mini-me

Welcome to The Pacifier Review, a space to share my experiences and tricks of the trade about being a new mom. I’m sure you’ve all come across countless blogs and sites about baby tips and parenting. So to you this could be just another “blog about babies”.

So, let me tell you a little about myself. I’ve lived in the UAE for most of my life. I started a career working in PR and wanted to make the most of my workaholic ways. I had the next five years of my career clearly mapped out and planned; all set to take over the world, until I met Mr. Right, got married and relocated to Egypt. Then all hell broke loose when the revolution took its toll in Jan 25, 2011. Plans to get back on track with work were starting to materialize again, until one morning when I woke up with a severe heartburn. Took a pregnancy test and guess what, that 431860_611510308201_1316766934_npositive sign stared at me in the face and and gave me a reality check. Initial thoughts: shit, shit, SHIT!! What the hell just happened? Then it started to sink in; the life I know is going to change in nine months. I’m going to become a mom.

Getting used to life far away from my parents was already hard enough and with my pregnancy came a little depression; we all know what the first three months are like, my hormones have gone haywire and I cried over not finding the remote control, running out of toilet paper all sorts of lame nonsense. When things started to get better for me and I became excited about having a little baby of my own, I woke up one morning drenched in blood. Rushed to an ER, the doctor explained that I had a threatened miscarriage (detached placenta) and bed rest is mandatory to stop the bleeding and keep my baby. I was determined to do everything in my power to save my little one. Long story short; I got better. And after a long, difficult pregnancy, my Yehia arrived on Jan 23, 2012, 4:30pm and with him was born a brand new, better version of me: A proud, loving mommy. I never really understood when people said “it was love at first sight”, until I saw the doctors pulling out a pink and wrinkled little Yehia.

1503485_640052030361_1728886912_nWith very little help being far away from my parents in Egypt, I took care of my baby boy and learned how to be a responsible mommy the hard way: figuring it out for myself. But days and sleepless nights had passed and my Yehia is now two years and seven months old. I finally moved back to Dubai and got back to working in PR which I’m really passionate about. My little monkey goes to a nursery and it’s been one great journey so far. Now that I’m a full-time working mom, juggling house chores, work commitments and making up for lost times with my boy is super tricky. But hey, we learn new things everyday :).

I hope that you find my posts a little different from your typical mommy, baby, parenting sites. Enjoy reading my upcoming posts and random rants.


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