Long time gone

So much has happened..so much that even made me doubt my ability to be a good mother.  But now that everything is back on track, watch this space. There’s a lot coming your way really soon.


A miracle worker to soothe your little cutie pie’s dry skin: QV Kids Balm and Moisturizing Cream

When babies are born, they have the softest skin ever; you spend countless hours touching their little feet and hands, powdering their bum and massaging them with baby oil after a nice, warm bath. But as your little bundle of joy starts to get older, they run and jump around, play in the sand, spend hours in the pool and even longer hours outdoors. A scratch on the knee, an elbow scab, a skin rash and before you know it, your baby’s skin is all dried up and is in need of some miracle worker to get it back to its soft, pink, bruise-free state.

After travelling to Egypt, I’ve noticed that Yehia’s skin has become very dry to that extent that it started to irritate him. He would constantly scratch his arms and legs even more frequently, leaving terrible scratch marks on his skin and even sometimes his bum.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I’ve literally tried EVERY moisturizing product and even took him to see a dermatologist who asked me to try this medical ointment to soothe his skin and nothing worked. Until one fine day, I was at Boots and spotted a QV Kids Balm. I immediately picked it up kept applying it on Yehia’s arms, legs and bum every single day after his showers. After exactly eight days, I noticed a significant change. His skin got a lot better. It’s now much softer and he even stopped scratching his legs.Even though its a balm, it doesn’t have that super greasy feel to it and he doesn’t get irritated when I apply it to his skin, unlike many other products I tried.


QV Kids Balm Available in 100g tube and 450g tub


I even got him the QV Kids Moisturizing cream and started using that and the effects are just unbelievable. My little boy feels better and he now has softer, smoother skin. The fun thing about the moisturizing cream is that its super easy to apply. It contains vitamins A (retinyl palmitate) and E (tocopheryl acetate) in colorful, skin friendly blue and purple micro-beads that quickly dissolve when applied to the skin. So now after shower time, Yehia sits up and is ready to be lathered up with his favorite moistorisor. Not only that, I let him apply it on his arms and legs and he has heaps of fun doing so.


QV Kids Moisturizing Cream – available in 100g tube


You can get all QV kids products in almost all pharmacies in the UAE. Price range: 45 – 70 AED.

For younger babies, check out QV Babies product range

Make Your Influence Positive – a video by Child Friendly

This is a very powerful video – I guess people never went wrong when they said phrases like: “Like father, like son”, or “Your little one is a carbon copy of you!” This video is a strong reminder to teach us grown ups a lesson: think twice before you act.

Before you start complaining about how aggressive, sloppy, or loud your children are, just remember that they are a reflection of how you behave every single day.

To raise your children right, start with yourself.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Tough Talks: Having the ‘Sex Talk’ With Your Child” on NBC’s Parent Toolkit

We all hated and dreaded the ‘sex talk’ with our parents, but there comes a time, where it’ll be your turn to sit your child down and just get this over and done with – quick and painless, just like a band-aid!
Read on NBC’s Parent Toolkit blog ‘Tough Talks’ to help you tackle all these challenging conversations that you will have to have with your kids.

confident parents confident kids

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NBC’s Parent Toolkit began a new blog series today entitled, “Tough Talks” in which they plan to tackle some of the most challenging conversations parents will have with their children. The first in this series highlights how you can talk about sexuality. CPCK’s Author, Jennifer Miller weighed in on the topic along with other Parent Toolkit experts including Dr. Michelle Borba, a parenting expert and regular TODAY Show Contributor.FB_1200x628_PTAPP-1

“If you look closely, you will find that there will be natural entry points to start these discussions,” says Miller. “It doesn’t have to be a dramatic sit-down conversation, but a drip of information as they encounter different issues and situations.”

For the full article, visit the NBC Education Nation’s “Parent Toolkit” blog.

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Fun City Scoops ‘Best Kids Entertainment Center’ at the Time Out Kids Awards

The wait is finally over and winners of the Time Out Kids Awards have been announced. I have to admit that it felt pretty good to see some of my favorite brands scoop an award or two. One of my ultimate fav’s (and Yehia’s of course) is Fun City – who bagged the award for ‘Best Kids Entertainment Center’, even with such a tight competition – in a category that had names such as Kidzania, Sega Republic, Magic Planet, Adventure HQ and Playnation: even more reasons to celebrate for the Fun City crew!

The selection criteria for the awards are based on parenting experts judgment on what they felt is the best that Dubai offers for families, with no voting, advertising and/or advertiser influence or external nominations.

You have to admit, it is well deserved; I mean with the rapid growth of the brand across the city and its limitless innovative attractions and activities, it managed to become a top go-to entertainment venue for children in the UAE. I personally love it because of its friendly-staff, its safe and secure environment and not to sound too OCD – how clean the soft play areas are. For someone who’s been around to enough soft play areas and got stuck in multiple tube slides and crossovers, this is one of the cleanest I’ve been to.

Some of my other favorite awards include:

Best maternity store: MotherCare

Best Toy Store: Toys R US


A dedicated children’s play area in Fun City – Manar Mall, Ras Al Khaimah